Metapharm is a company dedicate to provide off-patent specific, targeted drugs for the patients in Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia and Poland. Metapharm has developed a dependable commercialization excellence platform to accelerate access to off-patent specific,  targeted drugs, allowing governments to save resources for new innovative therapies.

Our local experience led us to identify gaps in the adoption of certain specialty molecules in the region markets, which if eradicated, could alleviate the financial burden of the government to a good extent and ultimately result in improved implementation of health technology innovations, saving patients' lives and easing access to medicines.

Metapharm is based in Vilnius, Lithuania. We establish a strong operational presence in Poland, Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia with future growth in the CEE region. Identifying local opportunities based on existing clinical practice and reimbursement protocols, we assure a fast market access and a smooth product journey from manufacturer to patient. Our extensive network of regional pharmaceutical distribution channels ensures a rapid and significant market penetration reaching patients. The company is committed to providing patients with quick access to medicines in the CEE region. We are a patient-centered and ethically driven company.